TGB_AOC integrated package supports your airline from the ground to the air, from business plan to flight operations.

Financial, commercial, operational and regulatory issues are all part of an integrated system. Each of these parts can affect strategic decisions, impacting market segmentation, product, structure and operations of the airline. Acting in a determined and efficient manner provides start up airline investors with optimized solutions and significantly increases their chances to succeed in critical services,

TGB_AOC integrated package consists of several packages for prospective start up airlines:

  • Establishment procedure of airline organization
    • Business plan assistance
    • Start Up Certification
    • Regulatory Compliance
    • Route analysis
    • Fleet selection
    • Aircraft acquisition support
    • Procurement and contract negotiation
    • Aircraft delivery and phase-in support
  • Quality and Safety Management Systems
  • CAMO
  • Part 145 approval assistance
  • Operations and Technical Manuals
  • Maintenance management systems

Logistics / Spare Parts
Aircraft Inspection
Aircraft Assessment
Delivery / Redelivery
Aircraft Management Consultancy
Fixed Wing / Rotary Aircraft
Aircraft Engine
IOSA / ISAGO Assistance
OPS & EU OPS Manual
Safety Management Systems
Technical Publications & Quality Manual
Part 66 Module Exam
Continuous Training
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