TGB Aviation helps prospective operators to have basis information for decision-making in the commitment of funds for aircraft acquisition or leasing. Even though the market value of an aircraft can be estimated from data sheets, on site assessment of aircraft by team of engineers provides invaluable and accurate information about current condition of aircraft.

TGB Aviation has the capability to assess aircraft on lease or returning from lease, providing our clients with technical representation to manage their asset value, monitor the asset in service. Our goal is to provide a realistic value of the aircraft which shows necessary maintenance or validates the asset value to our customers. Financial Institutions would benefit from establishing the true market value of an aircraft, based on an independent and unbiased technical inspection and market analysis.

Key points on assessment

  • The aircraft’s damage history. 
  • Engine and airframe modifications
  • Condition of  avionics. 
  • Condition of the airframe. 
  • Inspection status of the aircraft.
  • Engine overhaul status. 
  • Presence of logbooks and all related documentation.
  • Condition of the paint.
  • Condition of the interior. 
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